artist's statement

My portfolio thus far has largely incorporated elements of pop culture, acting as a curation of sorts (the beloved Uma Thurman, the work of Yanagihara make guest appearances).

This final collection too, is a curation. It is a timestamp of today’s world, marked by tension between the self, the everyday and the day by day. No obvious elements of pop culture plague the subjects of this project. They are, instead, paid tribute in the titles of each piece; elements of music, film, and literary works that have filled my recent seemingly endless days are referenced in each composition’s name.

In this final project, I pay tribute to photography as a means of self-observation. For me, the most profound element of photography is its ode to noticing. Photography is not so much a reflection of the eye, as it is the producer. When tasked with an artistic idea, the eye begins to engage in transformation. Posters are no longer a shrine to a beloved piece of work, but rather part of the identity. A microwave becomes an objective lens; a 35mm viewfinder a black box of tunnel vision. As we consider this hollowing pandemic, the ordinary is challenged. A Gucci perfume bottle is an ironic statement: what is its purpose in today’s normal? A porch fence is more akin to “fetch the bolt cutters” than a barrier dividing neighbors. The weight of these objects, which once never caught more than a glance, are magnified over a backdrop of an obvious abnormality: an empty city. As I stood in the middle of an empty intersection to photograph towering skyscrapers, the possibility of being hit never occurred; unless cars are now invisible too, none were present in this once busy metropolitan area.

Knight Moves | Chilly Gonzales

Home Tree | Kweku Collins

Amour Plastique | Videoclub

A Tale for the Time Being | Ruth Ozeki

Sound of Rain | Solange

The Suburbs | Arcade Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire | Céline Sciamma

The Three Body Problem | Liu Cixin

tiptoe | Milo

White Teeth | Zadie Smith

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