• Sam Fleming


If you are not familiar with the music of Fela Kuti, it’s a great time to get acquainted with his sound. His music is the perfect soundtrack for the summer. His grooves are at home during nights up on the roofs, barbeques or dance parties. Fela is one of the most influential Afrobeat artists of all time and he was a big influence on Erykah Badu, Mos Def, the Roots and many more. Confusion is one of his odder and more interesting albums. The entire album consists of one singular song, broken up into two 15-minute parts. Confusion is a 26-minute, slow-building thunderstorm which will get you feeling absolutely exhausted by the end.

The first half starts with a four and a half minute, spaced-out intro that sounds like some kind of eerie classical music on crack. Then, the song breaks open and launches into unrelenting rhythm and grooves. The first half is just the warm up, the second half of the album is where Fela’s voice shines through. He sings about colonization, racism and the overall confusion that can be felt anywhere in the world. Especially, during a time like this where all of life is thrown into chaos, the lyrics on Confusion hit hard. He sings “When we talk, say confusion Everything out of control.” Fela Kuti’s 1974 masterpiece is the perfect way to start out the summer.

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