• Divita Pandita

Hey, can I call you D? Divita is too hard to pronounce.

रिय (Dear) every uneducated Tom, Dick, and Harry|

Had I been crafted

a little more perfect

you all would have stood witness to goddess शक्ति (Shakthi) herself

delivering you to the afterlife and back

with just one smile|

Every utterance of my name

carries blessings of Hindu ancients

that flow out of each sacred syllable

to enlighten some consciousness

within you;

A true स्री (woman) commands your presence|

Mispronouncing my name

is the very sin that leads you in your

ignorance and erasure

of my being

my people

my ताक़त (strength)|

Do you know what is hard, Tom?

Listening to my parents lament over loved ones

lost during terrorist attacks

spearheaded by the very Anglo-Saxon culture

my family is forced to assimilate to|

Do you know what is hard, Harry?

Being part of a population

branded as beastly

because of media broadcasting bullshit where

the brown narrative is always labeled as backwards

Do you know what is hard, Dick?

Watching my people

being recounted as uncultured savages

“second rate persons who needed colonization to survive”

in my high school history class

when the real history is that:

Indians were the first warriors, emperors, scholars, artists in the entire world,

even prior to some irrelevant white man’s manifest destiny

Do you know what’s not hard, Tom, Dick, and Harry?

Pronouncing my accented name|

My identity is absolute and forever

and you,

you uncultured *भेनचोद

with your stubborn tongue/mind that

try their hardest in

gentrifying my name/being

even you

will never be capable of extinguishing my ढिविता (divine light/Divita)|

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Author's Notes:

*भेनचोद (this is a bad word in Hindi so I’m not going to translate it...fill it in with your own bad word if you would like to!)

*ढिविता (This is how my name is properly written in Hindi and it translates to divine light; hehehe look at that word play I did ;P). You pronounce my name as Dih-vih-tha)

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