• Elina

Hii from Michigan

I’m kind of regaining my sanity? I started writing again. I read, the usual poetry— lots of Khalil Gibran & Rumi. I’ve been trying to get into prose again. I re-read some of my favorite books: Woman at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi. The book is short, super captivating. I like Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta too, reading it made me more accepting of my sexuality. Since I have such good memories associated with these books at the time I read them, looking them over again, now, helps.

I pass time a lot by having dance parties the living room with my little sister (she barely budges at first but ends up enjoying it). I think I’m going to start sewing again. I want to learn more languages & better my French. Definitely get better at painting because watercolor and me don’t get along. I watch too much Netflix but I think it’s good because I never watch Netflix. I talk to my friends a lot, Malachi & Jordan. Missing them dearly but going back to school next semester (hopefully) is going to feel extra amazing. That euphoria will make all of this worthwhile!!!

Excerpt from one of my favorite poets, Silva Kaputikyan:

The Walnut Tree

(to the diaspora)

There is a walnut tree

growing in the vineyard

at the very edge of the world.

My people, you are like

that huge ancient tree

with branches blessed by the graces

but sprawling

over the small corner of land,

roots and arms spread out

and spilling your fruit

to nourish foreign souls.

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