• Andrés González-Bonillas

Ion mind the crickets in my bathroom

Because they remind me that I’m alive

and that the world wants to see me too

Ten toes to the tile and I got

a symphony next to the bathtub

featuring a lovers serenade like concert halls

There is love in this home

and it helps me go to sleep sometimes

And when the AC turns off at 2am

there is no silence in this mind

and I’m ok with that

Y los grillos cantan a la luna

y dicen amor amor

cómo te extraño y cómo te quiero

And maybe we have something to learn about love from crickets

I wanna love out loud

I wanna love under the same moonlight

we have sung to and is this paradise

When the wind tell us her song

and the crickets know the words like repetition

like heartbeats fast with no sign of stopping

I wouldn’t mind that at all

And I just wanna tell you that the crickets sing

corridos to you

Or at least I think they do

and maybe that is enough

that this world gives us beauty and we make it ours if only for a moment

If only for three minutes of the mariachi

cantando a la luna

and then we are not so different from crickets

And I’m ok with that

I think crickets bring our dreams down to our eyes

and do you ever dream of me too

Los corridos de los grillos me dicen

Que el amor no viene en silencio

Y no viene sin música del corazón

And the crickets tell me

Love will be with you when your feet are cold

and when your dreams do not want to come down

And Love tells me

that our dreams sing like the crickets do

and tonight that is all that matters.

~Andrés González-Bonillas


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