• Serena

12 must-try things to do in quarantine

hello lovelies!

today, we're gonna learn how to make the absolute softest, gooiest chocolate chip cookies that will make your mouth WATER! Oh, and...it's COMPLETELY from scratch!


i cannot cook nor will i be getting out of bed during this quarantine to attempt. but what i can do for y'all today is offer up a list of 12 things that might be fun to do during these strange times! (some of these are things i am doing as well so my apologies if they are ~weird~)

1. watch a movie in a language you are trying to learn

2. learn a new song to sing or play on the piano, recorder, or whatever you want!

3. learn a new dance combo from a youtube video, or, tiktok

4. take an online class (on masterclass, harvard offers free online courses, youtube videos are great too, etc)

5. download a free trial of one of the adobe things like photoshop or premiere and learn how to edit photos/videos

6. learn how to meditate

7. download tinder and reunite w some of the homies from high school

8. if you've ever had an idea for a book or movie, make that happen

9. start a journal/scrapbook

10. go on a hike

11. arts and crafts

12. clean out your phone of random notes/memes saved from 2012 that are just taking up precious storage


13. Down Dog app is offering free membership w a college email until July! they have yoga, high intensity, and other workout apps so that could be fun

all for now, if i think of more i'll add!!

hope this list was helpful and happy quarantining!


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