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I stumbled upon Pinc Louds quite literally, as I wandered out of the bank near Cooper Square I saw a band set up. My first instinct was to reach to my phone to turn up the volume on whatever podcast I was listening to. But, as the lead singer Claudi began to loop different guttural growling noises in the microphone, I decided not only to take off my headphones but to actually stop and listen. At first, I thought to myself, “I know I’m trying to expand my palate but do I really want to stay, and more importantly stand for a noise band’s set?” Right as I thought that, they transitioned into a pop-rock tropical jangly tune. I found myself tapping my foot and watching a group of E-boys and gals dancing along to the music. The best way I can describe the experience is euphoric. As a lover of live music, I had been craving the feeling of the crowd, the way the musicians control the energy, and the feeling of having music vibrating through my bones.

After the impromptu concert, the melodies and energy were stuck in my head so I decided to listen to their sophomore album Delancy St. Station and to research them. Pinc Loud led by Claudi, a Puerto Rican born, NYC based singer, started her career with the dream of playing in the subways. Through the years the band grew to add more artists from all over the world, however, the essence and true magic of the band still lies in Claudi’s voice. Her voice and phrasing have the quality of Billie Holiday on tracks like “Gloomy Sunday” and “Strange Fruit.” This over the top style drum and guitar and hefty bass was a combination that I didn’t know I needed.

The first trackSoul in My Body,” on this album stands out for its lyrical quality. The lead singer says, “I’ve got no soul in my body/I’ve got no soul in my bones” in a way reminiscent was reminiscent of old ragtime music with a poppy twist. Some other stand out tracks on this album are "Dream Catcher" with its do-wop sweetness and "Shaking" which really shows off Claudi’s vocal range with a very tropical danceable chord progression. I also really enjoyed Watching Snow for its gentleness and beautifully implicative instrumentation. Thematically this album touches on death quite a bit but it does it in a supernatural folksy way that deepened the contrast between the lyrics and the musical styles. However, while I enjoyed a lot of this album there were a couple of low points in the songs Roaches and My Teeth where the dissonance between Claudi’s singing and the more rock stylings didn’t work for me. All that being said this album confirmed that Pinc Loud is one of my favorite parts of New York because much like the city it is a combination of elements that shouldn’t work but after experiencing it can no longer be seen without each other.

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