• Sam Fleming

Quarantunes: Three albums to Check Out This Week

Nicolas Jaar - Cenizas

Nicolas Jaar is starting to prove that he is a once-in-a-generation talent and a genius when it comes to electronic music production. Cenizas is his second project of the year after January’s Against All Logic compilation 2017-2019. Cenzias gives off a more distinct vibe than AAL, it's a much more ambient project with spacey vocals and an undertone of anxiety. The album is perfect for isolation in a confined space because it makes you feel like you’re floating in a room without walls. If you have the time listen to the Against All Logic album first then throw Cenizas on. The two projects complement each other incredibly well and bring out each other's darker elements. Check out Cenzias and the rest of Jaar’s work on Spotify.

KeiyaA - Forever Ya Girl

I just checked this project out today because Earl Sweatshirt was tweeting about it and it changed my whole afternoon. Forever Ya Girl is a beautiful and introspective record that mixes more traditional R&B/Soul with a very New York City brand of artsy and experimental hip-hop music. KeiyaA’s voice is incredible and gives warmth to everything it touches and, as a result, even in its most experimental moments Forever Ya Girl feels comforting. “Negus Poem” and “F.W.U.” are early standouts that ooze personality. Forever Ya Girl will definitely be in heavy rotation during these next couple weeks of quarantine.

Knxwledge - 1988

Knxwledge drops new music at an alarming rate. 1988 is his fourth project of the year and the only one to get a release on any platform outside of Bandcamp. If you listen to much Knxwledge you would know that his music is often anything but polished, but on 1988 he puts together a group of songs so smooth they almost sound shiny. Most people would agree that Knxwledge is a top ten living producer and he proves why on 1988. If you’re looking for some chill bops, this album is perfect for you. If you like what you hear check out Knxwledge’s Bandcamp, he drops something new almost every month and it’s almost always pretty fye.

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