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Some Thoughts on HBO's OZ

This feels a little weird because I don't feel qualified to review something, even if it's just my opinion...I also haven't written anything from the first-person perspective in a while. Lol I also feel like I'm going to offend someone.

Oz Fast Facts:

What is it? A fictional prison show

Created by: Tom Fontana

How many seasons? Six

How many seasons have I seen so far? Three

Favorite character: Father Ray Mukada played by BD Wong (& obvi his friendship with Alvarez)

Favorite Gang: the Wise Guys

My Thoughts

In a few words: So far, I'm a fan.

It's not really like some of the other shows I've seen before: the narration, the cheesy use of props and corny references paired with a decent amount of brutality. At the beginning of my binge, I wondered how much of the violence they would show, and I'd have to say it's, again, a decent amount (**Spoilers**: the murder that got me the most has to be between Richie Hanlon and Nikolai Stanislofsky). Maybe it's just the fact that I've seen two seasons over the course of a few days, but the plot seems to move fast with every other episode adding one inmate and cutting another (heh, sometimes literally). You sort of know who's going to get offed, but every now and again, a surprise one will get ya.

Something this show reminded me of was this correspondence in high school where we traded stories (or maybe it was letters? poems?) with inmates. I (stupidly?) wrote about someone who died and was important to me. It wasn't my best work and definitely came off a little angsty. But basically, my inmate told me to fuck off because what did I know about anything. I had to read the response out in front of the whole class. *Cue the "oofs"*

Ending thoughts: I don't think this show is for everyone, but if you like action, drama, and can deal with some violence, it's not half-bad. Not sure if I'd commit it to my top 10, but I have enjoyed my time spent (wasted?) watching it.

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