mission statement


Day 1 after being quarantined (first by the fam and then the state of Illinois r.i.p), Sam and I were bored of sending tik toks and needed to do something creative, so we ended up making this website that acts as a time capsule / collection of what the kids are up to during quarantine and as a platform to collect our favorite content at the moment!!

Some of the thinking behind this project: with all this chaos and these weird pockets of time, we thought it might be time to finally branch off from that playlist we've been listening to all year, or read a book for the first time in months (years?), or see what our friends are up to in the safety of their casas, or watch a film after finally finishing Love is Blind and not knowing what to do with our hands or with Jessica's wILD behavior!

So basically, the purpose of this website is still unclear, but I kinda like it, so if you find anything interesting let us know, and if you think this concept is stupid, that's fair: at least you bumped up the views on this thing. :-)


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