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YouTubers for Quaranteens

Fuck a Netflix, let me get you hip to YouTube.


1. Julian DeGuzman

You've probably had your fair share of run-ins with these sort of dance class turned dance performance videos. This Julian kid, however, stands out amongst his peers. He's branched out to creating his own channel and inviting his friends from dance class to help him out along the way. What I love about him is I can tell that he makes his song selections from the heart. Sometimes he'll choose an early 2000s throwback, other times he'll take a spin on a viral Tik Tok song. However, his choreography to several Tyler, the Creator songs are what made me a fan.


2. Jennelle Eliana

If you haven't watched this girl's van tour then WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? This girl is living life to the fullest, and most importantly in the way she and only she has decided to live. Her videos inspire me to be more self-sufficient, adventurous, and care-free. She's funny, quirky, fashionable, and she's Ethiopian like me. Plus, she's a cutie :)

3. Neens

Quick shoutout to Neens aka Nina and her boyfriend who are definitely my favorite YouTube couple. Definitely check out her apartment tour if you're not into that basic lavish modern shit that's all over these days. It's literally my dream home. I can't wait to see their baby (she's pregnant atm)!


4. Caroline Ricke

I can't tell if I'm intrigued or annoyed by this bitch. *Hint, hint* It's just a character. None of it is real. She's the true embodiment of "how can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?" If you want to make it deep you could say she's making fun of the idea of being a "relatable teen". Also, if you were wondering where I got my dice earrings check out Caroline's jewelry line!

5. field trip

You might have heard of Enya and Drew from their days on Vine, or maybe you watch their personal YouTubes already. They and one other friend started this new channel that is presented as a surreal 20-minute episode of a reality show. Each week presents a new challenge that is reacted to with ever-evolving levels of quirk.


Now, this is probably my favorite YouTuber at the moment. It's hard to define his content but here's a list of things he's into: stand-up, commenting on the mindlessness of his/our generation, being a provocateur, cinematography. I really like the turn he's taken in his most recent videos where he essentially sits down in a public arena and interviews people one by one on their accepted ideas on a topic. But also he's hot...like really really hot.

7. Storytime With Reddit

I've never been a frequent Reddit user and for as long as this channel and its like exists, I won't ever need to be. Basically, a British AI reads out the top posts on a Reddit thread. The posts are all super well-written and you'd be surprised how much a robot reading it to you adds to the experience.


8. Karsten Runquist

This dude makes some of the best video essays on film I've seen. He chooses rather random things to react to but he's very consistent and puts a lot of effort into every post.

9. Middle 8

Basically, Karsten Runquist except for music.

10. Fantano

If you're a music nerd, this guy needs no introduction. However, I feel his second channel has wider appeal than "theneedledrop". Unlike his main channel where he only reviews music, his second channel debates current events in the music industry and it also gives him a chance to respond to the trolls in his fanbase. I must admit it can be hard to avoid regurgitating his opinions.



This girl runs perhaps the most followed depop account. Her videos showcasing her style bundles never fail to make me eyegasm. If you're at all into 90s, 2000s, or goth fashion she's a must.


I place these two together because they have the same premise and format and are run by the same company. NAYVA is the girl version and PAQ is the guy version. Both feature a group of 3-4 friends who in each episode are presented with a new fashion challenge by a judge. The girls and guys all have really distinct styles and personalities which makes the show go beyond your typical fashion show. *If you're not feeling watching a full 20 minute episode, I suggest just skipping to the last couple minutes to see the fit reveals.*

13. Micarah Tewers

Okay, this bitch is my most recent discovery. She's crazy talented. Bitch is out here attempting and succeeding at making Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner dresses. She legit sounds and looks like a Barbie. Manages to live in an RV and still flex on all y'all hoes.


14. Company Man

Am I the only one utterly fascinated by the fall and rise of companies? If you've ever been even semi-curious why every store at your local mall is going bankrupt, definitely check this channel out.

15. Philosophy Tube

For those who forgot, I am a philosophy major so I had to give this a plug. This is philosophy for dummies but also philosophy but make it cosplay.

16. Soft White Underbelly

Last but not least, the channel I most urge y'all to check out. If you've spent any time with me recently, you'll know how much I've been obsessed with this. Basically a guy named Mark interviews people who are at the edges of society (drug addicts, the homeless, prostitutes, pedophiles, serial killers) and asks them to tell their story. This is all with the intention that next time you see someone on the street on the outskirts of society, you'll remember that they are a person with a story and reasons for why they are where they are. Some of the most insightful and honest reflections I have ever heard are contained in these pieces of documented footage.

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